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2015 was very productive for Susie. She wrote or composed over 25 song lyrics and produced the audio recordings, videos, music, wrote and published 3 new Children's book along with creating the drawings for the books. She created many new artwork, and adopted and raised a four week old kitten that needed a home found on the streets of Detroit on the engine of a car. She likes to sing live at Events, for Seniors and for Charities.  She sung for 12 weeks twice a week at a venue at open mic. This year will be more about promoting her material. If a creation of hers would fit your project or a song lyrics of hers, please contact her.   

2016 Off to a good start With John lee Sanders

Joun Lee Sanders professionally recorded and composed music for, Rainbow Dreams, written by Susie Brooklyn.

She's created new Art and rearranging cover songs and continues her Song Sessions on her Youtube Channels.

She's currently working on the Purr-ple Cat Venture books 1 - 8 to ready them to published.

Its a big job and plans on doing a few drawing for the books.

If there is a piece of art, lyrics or book Susie (Marysue) created that would fit your project please contact her for more info 

About Marysue Susie

 Marysue (Susie Brooklyn)

Detroit, Michigan

For Susie, creating is spirit filled, in a wonderful state of harmony and self expression, which fills Marysue with energy and joy. The creative process for her is felt as a deep spiritual love, and this feeling inspires her to create. She wears many created hats, Author, Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Comedian.


Marysue pours her soul’s inspiration and  individual personality into the creative process, resulting in what she hopes will be a joyous journey and felt for those who are receptive. Susie, is a successful singer, songwriter at Reverbnation, Soundclick, Soundclick.  An artist on Pen.Up and Art3000, Author at Lulu.  She is centered around her family, friends and pets, horses and projects she creates. She always loved reading and drawing It was because of her love of reading, music and art Susie knew even at an early age what she wanted to be when she grew up.